other projects

Since I´ve often found myself starting a project and then giving up, either because I get bored, or just realize my own limitations, I decided to try a new strategy – work on whatever I want, whenever I want 🙂

In practice, how this works is that I have some main projects I constantly come back to, but I don´t force myself to work on those exclusively. At any time I might have an idea that inspires me, so instead of killing that inspiration and going back to what I was doing, I allow the inspiration to flow towards that direction, and put everything else on the backburner for a moment.

I first create a folder for the project, and then start to flesh out my idea into a document. I let this process take however long I feel it needs, and when I feel I have nothing more for the moment, instead of forcing myself, I put the folder away, and let the ideas brew in the back of my head, until the next jolt of inspiration.

Granted, this is a slow producing method, but by thinking in terms of 5-year-plans, I can allow myself to go slow. I know I can take the time, and have no stress. Over the years, this has resulted in multiple creative projects in different stages of developmet, and I will list the ones I feel are the most interesting below.

To show how far along these projects are, I´ve added a 5-grade bar, where 1 is principal idea stage, 3 is actual concept development and 5 is full development.


stage 1 –  To be invisible (Movie/Thriller)

When Esther´s family moves into a new house, she isn´t all too happy about it, having to leave her old friends and school behind to start a new. Furthermore, she soon becomes convinced that the house is haunted, finds an old diary in the attic, and meets Patric, the invisible boy,  for the first time…

Stage 2 – Necromancer, baby!

Armand is trying to summon the demon Chibib when someone rings his doorbell. Instead of Chibib he summons a demon dog with very special abilities. When Armand is in possession of the dog he is a babe magnet. Unfortunately, he also becomes a magnet for bad luck. And then one day, the dog´s master drops by wanting her dog back..

Stage 2 – Force – a new dawn

“Not much is known about Yih and Roh´s fate on Emigo, except that they brought a cadre of acolytes , erected a sanctuary, dedicated to the study of the dark side, and more specifically, to the extension of ,and ultimately eternal, life. The sanctuary has since been lost in the thick vegetation of the planet´s second moon, Onubo.”

This is my attempt at Star Wars FanFiction.