Hey! It´s me again :)

I started working on my adventure game framework again 3 days ago, having as a goal to commit something that advances the project every day, no matter how small. You can see the commits here:


I started off with some minor bugs that annoyed me, and then started tying up some loose ends in the code, which I will continue doing the following week.

What needs to be tackled before adding more functionality:

make use of the global.capture_screen func everywhere
create global time of day transition func
Devaun´s dialogue should be different if you haven´t spoken to Ellie yet

hardcoded uggliness:

Ellie´s response to receiving a rose should be scripted
Phone contacts UI should be populated by a contacts.json
on call input event should be handled in contact node, and phonecalls triggered via call_NAME.json script

Pick up a rose, that´s added to the inventory! No fancy animations from now, we can expand on this in the future.

Once all that´s done, which shouldn´t take more than a couple of days, or a week at most, it´s time to finish the test scenario.

Easy does it this time 🙂

Written by Ape

I always wanted to do something creative, but just never got around to doing more than drawing and write down ideas. This site is my way of finally doing something with those ideas.

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