Godot Game Dev – random update

Since I´ve had a bit of bout with depression, I decided to not set a goal for this weekend past. That said, I got some work done on the game engine, though I spent quite some time on another project – a match 3 game prototype – as well.

work on save slots

Further work on save slot system. Created a new func save_to_slot(id) to handle the slots dynamically, so every time you click on a plus, it will “save” a thumbnail to that slot, and create a plus in the next slot.

Since paging isn´t implemented yet, the game will crash when clicking on the final slot, but we´re getting there.

Cursor changes and fixes

  • change default cursor to a footprint, since it´s used for walking to location. Should increase cursor size from a16x16 to 24×24. Too small as it is now.
  • added placeholder animation for when clicking on the ground

AnimationPlayer experiments

Continued playing around with Jayanam´s character to learn about how to control the AnimationPlayer in Godot, to add run and idle animations. This forced me to revisit the player.gd code for the first time in months (that code scares me!), and actually allowed me to streamline the code a bit 🙂

Now the player will use the idle animation when standing still/stopping and the run animation when moving. Obviously this is just a test with someone elses animations, but it´s a nice first prototype code. Need to add check so clicking when moving doesn´t restart animation.

Show full size image

Quick and dirty prototype code to show fullsize image. For now it only works on topmost left image in gallery, and only blows up the thumbnail to a bigger size. Just testing out possibilities..

Assorted bug fixes

  • click on ground effect appearing in game menu. Disable sceneCol.
  • clicking on save slots in game menu without texture would crash the game. Check if texture assigned.
  • more game menu (!) saving game would use same texture over and over, because pop_game_settings assumed game init. Set flag.
  • rightclicking to restore default cursor wasn´t working anymore. Moved global.itemInHand = “” to last in func change_cursor()
  • the code to change cursor for inventory items apparently broke cursor changing when hovering over UI items. Not sure how to account for both situations in a good way. Changed back to hardcoding it for now (inventory still changes cursor dynamically though), need to rethink…

have a good one,


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