Sidestepping a bit: Modding Fallout 4

Inspiration for my game projects has failed me unfortunately (though they´re just on hold for awhile), but I wouldn´t be Ape if I didn´t find other creative projects to fuel my inspiration again.

About two months ago I started modding Skyrim and Fallout again, with the help of the already available modguides that are available on the S.T.E.P-forums and the Nexus. However, fairly soon I felt that I wanted to do changes these guides didn´t explain to well, so I went ahead and crated my own modgudie for Fallout 4 – which you can find here.

Be warned, it´s fairly extensive at 75 pages, but you will have a great sense of accomplishment having completed it, and hopefully taken a step towards becoming an advanced modder yourself. I keep no secrets to myself, I don´t just tell you what to do, I tell you how to do it and why.

If Fallout 4 modding peaks your interest, download the guide, and join the CtGW gang on Discord, for support/suggestions.

Written by Ape

I always wanted to do something creative, but just never got around to doing more than drawing and write down ideas. This site is my way of finally doing something with those ideas.

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