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Hi all. 

This is going to be a fairly extensive rundown of the projects I´m currently working on. I will try to discuss as much of the plot as I can without revealing too much, and the current state of progress.

Pantheon 12

<animation> This is the project that´s the most developed storywise, I have about 3 hours plotted, and half of that with finished dialogue. Pantheon is my labor of love, if you will, and the only reason development is currently paused is because I want do develop my skills in Blender in order to be able to do it justice.

Premise: Two ancient aliens endow teenagers with extraordinary powers.

The Cosmic Chronicles of Philemon Troy

<game> This is probably the one of my projects that have been the longest in the making. I have notes for this game dating back more than 10 years. Details, and scope, have changed over the years, but the main premise still holds true. I plan to make this a series of games, with the first one being a short introduction to the PT universe. Working titles are:

Philemon Troy in “The Student Body Pageant Conundrum”

in which Phil investigates the mysterious assaults on school beauty queens leading up to the annual Student Body Pageant.

Philemon Troy in “Rise of The Positronic Puppets”

in which Phil starts noticing a distinct change of personality in several of his fellow students. Things ultimately lead towards the mysterious new dean as the possible culprit. But who is the mysterious girl that seems to know a lot of what´s going on?

Philemon Troy in “Of Future sins and past Transgressions”

in which Phil is thrown into the future with Kay-Anne, only to be forced on the run, mixed up with a notorious space pirate.

Philemon Troy in “The dark horizon beckons”

in which the story takes another sharp turn, and Phil finds himself the captain of a ship of space pirates

The style will a 3d point n click adventure game, while the story is like a mix between Leisure Suit Larry and Space quest, as there will be plenty of science fiction, although not in the first game.

Necromancer, baby!

<animation> NB is my attempt at a classic style Anime story, with a western touch. It´s really only a concept right now, but something I´m sure I will develop further in the future.

Armand uses a book he find in a library sale to summon a demon

Final words

Above are only the most developed projects in my portfolio, but I have a couple of other ideas for later, or for when I get bored with one of these projects, lol (note that doesn´t mean abandoning a project, I just postpone for awhile and get back to it when I get inspired, it´s just the way that works best for me.) Some projects I´m not going into much detail about right now are:

To be invisible

about a family who moves into a house that´s already inhabited by an invisible boy

Force – a new dawn

my take on Star Wars, 500 years after the battle of Yavin, Jedi´s are reclusive non-violent monks, reluctant to pick up the lightsaber again.


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I always wanted to do something creative, but just never got around to doing more than drawing and write down ideas. This site is my way of finally doing something with those ideas.

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