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Seeing as the website is far from done, has not really been advertised and been found by very few people, either through my FB- or GitHub-page, writing a blogpost may seem like a shout into the void. Nevertheless, here we are.

I would like to present myself, and give you an idea of what this page is going to be, for me and for you.

I´ve always aspired to be a comic book artist, ever since I read my first pages of first The Phantom, and then various Marvel titles of the 80s. I was always drawing and writing stories when I grew up; unfortunately my vivid imagination was never matched by artistic prowess, and so I grew increasingly more frustrated with time, not being able to properly bring life to my stories. Disillusioned, I quit drawing. In fact, for about 10 years, I didn´t draw a page.

Enter the advent of open source digital media in general, and 3D CG in particular. Digital media turned out to be a good medium for my rather sloppy style, as I realized I could just draw a loose concept and then correct all mistakes on the computer. So, again, I tried to realize my dream of becoming a comic book artist. 

Problems were threefold.

  • I started in the wrong end. I would usually start drawing concepts, which looked cool on paper, but as soon as I started writing a story, I felt limited by what I had drawn. Instead, I would start with a story, and didn´t design any characters until I had their basic story done.
  • Self imposed limits to the creative process. I would start with a project, force myself to try to make it work, and when I hit a block I again I lost interest, until one day I had a realization. The problem was that I was limiting myself to one project, and I should allow myself to work on anything I found the inspiration for. I noticed that by doing this,  by starting with one project, get an idea for another project and work on that for awhile, and then go back – I didn´t kill my inspiration they way I had always done. 
  • I limited myself to doing comic books, but I was also interested in animation and computer games, always feeling that would be too complicated. What would I do if I didn´t limit myself to one medium?

Suddenly I had 8 projects!

This sounds like madness to anyone who knows anything about project management, but I could allow myself something you don´t have when working for a studio – time. I would let this grow organically, let the process take the time it needed, and although project completion was further into the future than if I worked on one project alone, once I delivered it would be several projects in a short period of time.

So that´s where I´m at, still at a pretty early stage, about a year has passed and I´m starting to get ready to tackle the visual part, very happy that I spent this year finetuning my ideas. You can already see some work in progress and concepts in the galleries, but I´m only starting to hit my stride, and I´m still learning to use programs like Krita and Blender. I fully expect to have a playable alpha version of my first game by the end of the year.

Next blog post I will go into a bit more detail about the projects I´m working on, and I hope by then I will have something more to show.

Written by Ape

I always wanted to do something creative, but just never got around to doing more than drawing and write down ideas. This site is my way of finally doing something with those ideas.

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