The Payback [game] – Daz3D and streamlining the creative process

Been investigating DAZ3D over the last two weeks and really liking what I see so far. My main projects will always be created by me from the ground up, but since I like to diversify and work on as many projects/stories as possible, it´s just untenable to do everything from scratch. Daz3D models are a good alternative for Visual novel-like games, so I will likely use this resource for “The Payback”, so I can focus on story and gameplay.

“The Payback” aims to be an adult themed visual novel game, meaning it plays out like a choose-your-own-adventure book with prerendered still graphics with a touch of animation where called for. There will be a big emphasis on dialogue and moral choices.

Basically you play as a guy who was bullied in school, and after years of plotting your revenge you now have the opportunity you´ve been waiting for. Your goal is to ruin the lives of the bullies, one by one, by stealing that which they cherish the most – their money, wives and daughters.

The story is very ambitious, due to the complexity planned, and is most likely going to take more than a year to complete. I plan to have a first demo by the end of the year, but for m0re serious development I need to upgrade my rig, which is planned for february 2018.

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Written by Ape

My real name is Ted J Nielsen, originally from Sweden but living in Barcelona, Spain since 2008.

I always wanted to do something creative, but just never got around to doing more than drawing and write down ideas. This site is my way of finally doing something with those ideas.

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